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Welcome to Audio Video Adventures where I will be looking at the components of a good Audio Video System. I will be exploring different Surround Sound Systems, Speakers, Projectors and connections from low end to high end.

My Story

I built my first stereo system in 1969, a Heathkit tuner and amplifier which at that time provided a very good high end system. My Heathkit worked perfectly until 2001 when the amplifier quit working. At that time I was using it in my office.

Over the years I have had many receivers, I currently have 3, an older Sony I use on my back porch, a Yamaha surround sound receiver I use in the bedroom, and an Onkyo which is my surround sound receiver that I paired with my projector in the living room for an excellent home theater experience. In 1988, I bought a NAD Tuner and 2 NAD Amplifiers that I used to drive my Bose 901’s, that was a high end system with some real punch. NAD is to this day top rated equipment.

I have always enjoyed reading Stereo Review and staying up with the newest and best stereo equipment online. I currently have 8 different speaker systems which include 2 separate bass speakers and 2 center channel speakers. I am extremely proud of my, vintage late 1960s Large Advent front speakers and my small Advent rear surround speakers some of the finest speakers ever made.  I recently added an Onoayo Projector and I was also given a Vankyo Projector, not particularly high end choices but adequate for our nightly family movies.

Since I have been keeping up with the latest in stereo and 5 and 7 channel surround sound systems and stereo in general I thought that I could help others with a choice of a good quality system in their price range, saving them both time and money.  The projector aspect of a good AV system is newer to me and this will be an adventure we can share.

Why I Want Help People

I will be posting articles on receivers, speakers, and video options on a regular basis and adding comments from my visitors so that we can have regular discussions that will be helpful to both novice purchasers and audiophile purchasers of new and used equipment.

I am looking forward to serious conversation about a subject I have enjoyed for many years.  Feel free to post any opinions, questions, or advice you have here so that we can keep each other well informed on the newest and best AV systems on the market.

All the best,

Gene McFalls

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E: gene@audiovideoadventures.com

4 thoughts on “About Gene – Founder”

  1. It’s nice to read your About Me page Gene after reading so many of your instructional and review article geared toward the home theater and other electronics. You built your first stereo in 1969 before I was even born so I am sure you have a wealth of knowledge on the subject and hope that I can at least absorb a small amount of that knowledge.

    Its amazing that first stereo lasted you all the way until 2001, into the next millennium! My friend, you are most certainly qualified to be passing out advice about stereo systems!

    • Thank you for yourr comment Joseph.  I have been around for a while and I first fell in love with stereo in the mid 1950’s listening to Elvis records.  I bought each as they came out.  And yes, a Heathkit was a very good purchase and highly rated equipment.  I still have the old system and I believe the receiver still works.  I would need an amp and preamp to plug it up and try it.  Maybe someday just for fun.  I hope you think of me if you ever decide to good home entertainment system. 


  2. Hey there! If you’re looking to become the next Spielberg or Dr. Dre, you gotta check out Audio Video Adventures. Gene, the founder, is like the Yoda of AV technology. His website has everything from basic setup to ninja-level recording tips. Plus, he’ll help you find the right gear so you’re not just blowing your life savings on fancy equipment that you don’t even know how to use. May the force be with you, young Padawan!

    • Thank you Terry, I appreciate your comment.  I only hope all my posts live up to your confidence in me and that you will continue to follow my site.  As i continue on my journey of building out my website I only hope I am capable of pleasing all my readers as I have pleased you.  May the force also be with you, the Yoda of commentors.



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