Exploring Smart Video Projectors

The Future of Entertainment: Exploring Smart Video Projectors. Introduction: In recent years, technology has revolutionized the way we consume media and entertainment. One such innovation that has gained significant popularity is the smart video projector. These devices have transformed the traditional concept of projectors, offering a range of features and capabilities that enhance the viewing … Read more

Best Speaker Brands for Home Theater

There are many name brand speakers of various prices that are considered high quality audiophile speakers. The list of notable loudspeakers is more than a 120 names long. Even a list of those that are highly rated and well-known is quite long. To my mind finding a top ten of that list would be quite … Read more

Best Rated Home Theater Receivers.

How do we decide what is the best rated home theater receiver? The variables are many, how well will it drive my speakers? What is the right wattage? Is it capable of delivering a 180P, 4K or even an 8K signal? What is the best inexpensive home theater receiver? Is it among the best rated … Read more

How to Hook Up a Home Theater System.

While looking at how to hook up a home entertainment system we will be discussing what components makeup a good home entertainment system. What is the source of the signal coming into your receiver? What is the best surround sound system? What is a sound bar? What’s the best speaker for home theater? What is … Read more

What is the Best 3D Projector for Home Theater?

A 3D projector will give you a more realistic viewing experience whether watching movies or playing games. Many of the Projectors on the market today are ready for 3D even 4K models. There are different kinds of 3D glasses LCD active and passive, some projectors come with glasses and some do not. If you need … Read more

About Gene – Founder

WELCOME Welcome to Audio Video Adventures where I will be looking at the components of a good Audio Video System. I will be exploring different Surround Sound Systems, Speakers, Projectors and connections from low end to high end. My Story I built my first stereo system in 1969, a Heathkit tuner and amplifier which at … Read more

Best Rated Projectors for Home Theater

When looking at home theater projectors there are some basic needs to look for based on your room, ambient light, and screen size. To start, there are three main factors you should consider in choosing a projector, brightness, resolution and lens ratio. Brightness is measured in ANSI Lumens the higher the number the brighter the … Read more